A common conversation between two students at Lehigh is:

Student 1: “Hey, my parents are coming this weekend, where should I take them to dinner?”

Student 2: “Oh, that’s easy, I always take my parents to Apollo.”

So, there’s the answer. Apollo Grill across the bridge (as in the North Side of Bethlehem). Their menu includes a variety of cuisine from Italian and Spanish, to American. Not only is it a sophisticated place, but the restaurant offers outdoor seating so you can enjoy people watching, because come on, we all enjoy people watching at times. Apollo is a great time and definitely worth the wait (yes the line to be seated is often long). But, if you’re smart you should make a reservation beforehand.

So, my experience with Apollo was great. What did I order? Well, besides a nice glass of red wine, me and my mother ordered an appetizer of crab stuffed tacos, and for dinner some nice short ribs. If you don’t believe me when I say they were probably the best ones I’ve had in my life, and the grits underneath the ribs really topped it off. Just look at the picture I’ve posted. Doesn’t need much explaining, right?

short ribs