My recent posts included links on how to eat well for summer. What many people think is that eating healthy includes dieting when in reality the biggest part of eating well includes a balanced meal and portion control, which means having more vegetables and fruits on your plate than carbs or starches. For example, here is one of the lunches I had this week provided by my sorority’s chef:

lunchThis is a perfect example of a well-balanced meal. I’m sure you already know that the more color on your plate, the better. I would say that the picture above displays a great amount of color and variety. And the best part about this meal is that it took 5 minutes to make. On the left is a simple turkey and cheddar sandwich toasted and melted on whole wheat bread. You can save over 50 calories just by replacing white bread with wheat. The turkey and cheese provide protein and dairy which is essential. For my vegetable, a simple salad did the trick. Some tomatoes, cranberries, sunflower seeds, cucumbers and a little balsamic vinaigrette is all you need. Ok, so what about that cup in the back? What’s in there? I’ll admit, the cup of soup in the back probably isn’t the healthiest choice, but sometimes you need a little treat, a little pick-me up, and to be honest the soup really isn’t that unhealthy….except for the salt and bacon it contains. Although the soup isn’t needed for this balanced meal, the fact that it’s in a small cup instead of a large bowl helps. Once again, portion control is key. You don’t have to eliminate sweets and carbs from your diet to be healthy, just keep them to a minimum. Instead of an entire plate or bowl of pasta, for example, buy smaller plates and cups!