Now that it’s officially spring, I thought people may enjoy browsing some websites I came across that talk about how to prepare food for a top-notch tailgate. Why a tailgate? Well, spring is when outdoor sport teams finally come out of hibernation from the winter. With the 70 degree weather we’ve experienced here at Lehigh, attending outdoor games has been quite popular among the student body. But what do most college students love more than supporting their fellow Mountain Hawks? Tailgates. So, here they are. A couple great websites which explain how to make some great food for a tailgate.

1. Food Network

I’ve talked about Food Network before in my blog because I think they have a great selection of recipes for every occasion. Of course they have a number of recipes for tailgate food. In fact, they don’t provide their readers with just one or two recipes, but 50. From chili to calzones, food network explains how to make each dish.

2. Bleacher Report 

Bleacher report claims they have 10 of the best tailgating foods ever. The post has over 23,000 reads, so people must agree. Right? Through pictures and clever titles like “Breakfast of Champions,” I must say I’m pretty convinced that these dishes are worth making. Since the site, in general, is made for sport viewers, I’m sure the creators of the article know exactly what they’re talking about.

3. Southern Living

Southern Living is definitely trustable when it comes to tailgate food. The South is pretty much known for having large universities and good sport teams. So what are people who attend the games doing hours before the game? Tailgating of course. Southern Living explains this and offers ready-to-serve tailgating recipes. Most of the food is easy to make and is as simple as burger sliders. All you need is a grill and a cooler and you’re set. I highly recommend checking the article out.