For this post, I thought I would share some fun food sites I came across. These are sites that I came across which I often check up on each day. If you follow me on twitter (k_gaston) then you probably notice I often tweet these websites because they have such interesting and usually funny food news. So, here they are! Enjoy!

Food Beast 

Food beast is probably one of my favorite food websites. Most of the news and information they post on the website is written as a satire, but is true at the same time. Besides posting entertaining pictures, the things they write about always make me laugh. If you’re looking for a light-hearted and airy food website than I recommend food beast.

Huffington Post 

Huffington Post-Taste is a little more serious, but can also be quite entertaining at times. If you’re looking for a more serious and toned down website about food than Huffington Post is the site for you. They have articles about certain businesses to individuals (regarding food of course), so I definitely think you should check it out if you want to tweet about food.